Floating Image/Bubble Head on Screen (Android)  The idea of floating image or bubble head on screen was introduced or say got known or famous through Facebook Messenger application. If you are socially active which I am sure you are, you would have noticed whenever you chat on messenger the chat head appears  on screen and is on top of all other apps. You can drag it anywhere on the screen, and ultimately close it.  My version of the example is little modified from the original idea. The image/bubble head is added first to right-middle-side, as soon as you drag it towards center the bubble gets increased in size.  So what I am trying to say here is, when in center the bubble is biggest and as it gradually moves to the corners it shrinks. If while dragging, you release it anywhere on the screen it will relocate to possible nearest side.  Lastly, there is a close button image, when dropped the bubble in there it closes.  Till now I have only spoken about the working, now lets talk abou
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